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Top 15 Most Popular Nepali Bloggers in 2022

It’s incredible the way that blogs in Nepal was successful in gaining momentum in such a short time. With the advent to the age of digital with the rise of the internet We’ve seen an enormous increase in Nepali blog sites along with Nepali blog writers. To show our gratitude, here’s an review of the Top 15 most popular Nepali bloggers in 2022.

Blogging in Nepal is a passion for a lot of Nepalese. Thus, Nepali blogs are increasing in popularity. When searching for to find a Nepali blogger on the internet, you could come across a lot of blogs in Nepal that feature famous bloggers. I’m trying to make it easier in this article.

Top 15 Nepali Blogs

Here in, i have maintained list of Nepali blog and bloggers according to their ranking, Earning etc.The list mostly includes blogs that are popular with the Nepali readers and the community.

1. MySansar.com

My Sansar, who is one of the most knowledgeable bloggers. (Salokya) is a blogger who writes concerned about Nepal and its ongoing activities. He expresses his opinions on his blog and also publishes interesting articles. He has been blogging since 2005 and has been employed in PahiloPost.com, Annapurnapost.com, Nagariknews.com and Parewa Online.

Top Nepali Bloggers Tech4Nepal

  • Founder: Umesh Shrestha
  • Oldest Post: August, 2005
  • Global Rank: 385492
  • Rank in Nepal: 977
  • Category: Entertainment, News
  • Ranking Factor: latest Nepali news & events

2. Ashesh Blog

Ashesh Blog might be one of the popular blog in mean 2019 due to some Nepali tools like Unicode converter, Patro, Date Converter, many more. He usually writes about blogging, make money online, Nepali festival.

Ashesh Blog | Tech4Nepal

  • Founder: Ashesh Shrestha
  • Oldest Post: August, 2008
  • Global Rank: 125788
  • Rank in Nepal: 180
  • Category: Services, Festivals, Blogging
  • Ranking Factor: Web Tools
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