Blogging in Nepal | Expectation vs Reality

In today’s time snap one of the most popular career choices is blogging. Blogging in Nepal is growing at a rapid pace.  Many newbies are engaging in this sector for generating some passive income in Nepal.

So, in this article, I gonna share with you some fun facts, bitter truth, and expectations vs the reality of this blogging sector of Nepal.

Blogging in Nepal is not still considered a full-time job. In fact, anything that we do to earn money online is always a secondary or a part-time job. In Nepal, many people are also engaged with earning methods like youtube, affiliate marketing, Social media, and many more.

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Now let’s began with some fun facts about Blogging.

Some Facts About Blogging in Nepal

#1 FactWorking from home is not accepted culturally

Working from home is not considered a full-time job in Nepal. it is only considered as a part-time job for earning some passive income from the internet. Moreover, the age group between 16 to 28 are mainly interested in this sector. But working from home in this sector is not accepted as a full-time job.

The main reason this culture is not considered a full-time job is the internet. Internet facility is not quite developed in the context of Nepal. From the total population of Nepal, around 80 to 85 percent of people live in rural areas where the internet is not used widely so it is impossible to make blogging a full-time job and work from home in Nepal.

#2 FactExplaining blogging is harder

I have been blogging for the last 4 years, probably more than 100 times people asked me what do you do for a living.

When I say I am a blogger then people are confused and ask “what is this blogging? is it a company

Moreover, when I explain to them they can’t understand the concept behind blogging, they reply with ” earning money from online is not easy”

So it is harder to explain to people what I am doing.

All of this situation is generated by the education system of Nepal. Nepali Education is only focused on the textbook other than practical knowledge.

Now lets, move forward to Some shocking facts about blogging.

Some Shocking fact about Blogging in Nepal

  1.  Only 2% of bloggers make more than $150K per year.
  2. Only 17% are able to sustain their lifestyle or support their family with their blogs.
  3. A whopping 81% of bloggers never make $100 from blogging.
  4. Bloggers who post 20 times or more per month get 5x more traffic than those who post 4 times or less per month.
  5. The #1 position on Google search results gets 33% of all search traffic.
  6. If a blog post is more than 1,500 words, on average it receives 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes.
  7. Once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 30%.
  8. Articles with proper images get 94% more views.
  9. More than two-thirds of bloggers have not updated their blogs in over a year

Now we should talk about our main point Blogging in Nepal – Expectation Vs Reality

Blogging in Nepal – Expectation Vs Reality

#1 Expectation: I will make money by starting a blog in one month in a free blog.

#1 Reality: You have to spend some time and money to be successful in blogging.

#2 Expectation: Thinking that people love your blog and they will share it.

#2 Reality: People don’t care about your blog, they only care about what you have for them.

#3 Expectation: Blogging won’t take a lot of time and effort.

#3 Reality: Blogging takes a lot of time and hard work.

#4 Expectation: I will grow my blog a few times.

#4 Reality: It is very hard to grow the blog and rank your post.

#5 Expectation: I can write whatever I want.

#5 Reality: You should only write what your visitor interacts with.

Blogging in Nepal Bitter Truth

Blogging is Misunderstood in Nepal, I have noticed many mistakes here.

Some of them are

  • In the Nepali blogging world, men are currently more involved.
  • Females begin blogging, but only a small percentage of them stick with it.
  • The technology niche is always present in Nepali blogs.
  • The lack of funding and direction in the Nepali blogosphere is a major issue.
  • The most popular bloggers are between the ages of 16 and 25.

Everyone thinks that creating a blog is free but without any investment, you can’t imagine getting success in blogging. Well, writing content doesn’t require any investment but you need to invest in hosting, theme, social media marketing tools, email marketing tools. the good news is that you can start a blog with an investment of $100 to $200 ( Npr 10,000 to 20,000).


When it comes to bog, expectation, and reality turn into two sides of a coin. which are totally different.

Blogging is a core of marketing. so anyone with simple content writing skills can start bogging.

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