GeneratePress Review: Fast-Loading Responsive WordPress Theme

GeneratePress review – Generatepress WordPress theme is a fast loading, responsive and lightweight, user-friendly theme. This is especially recommended by companies and developers who want to give a customized theme to their clients.

The blog created by this theme boosts your site’s SEO to a great extent and also because of its well-developed code, your site also loads fast.

In GeneratePress Review, I will tell you when you should choose this theme and will also give information about some of its features which have been well-liked by the people. generate press has been developed by Tom Usborne, a Canadian developer. Its core template is available in wordpress> themes with limited features. You can check it by installing and activating it.

This theme comes with addons. Meaning that you have been given plugins to use Pro features according to your choice. If you buy all the plugins together, you can create a professional theme for $ 59. And if you want to buy a module, then for this you will have to pay 7 to $ 8.

So let’s go ahead and know in detail about the generate press WordPress theme.

GeneratePress WordPress Theme Review

Theme GeneratePress
Current Prize (Pro Version with modules) $59
Core Theme Free (Limited Features)
Overall Rating 8/10
Ease of use 8/10
Value of Money 9/10
Customer Support 10/10
Free trial No (Free version is available on WordPress)
GeneratePress Pros 1. Ease of use
2. 24/7 Customer support
3. Fully Customized
4. Value for money
5. Awarded for performance
GeneratePress Cons 1. Free is version is limited
2. Some features are not updated for 6-7 years
3. Lack of Drag and Drop with page builder
4. Some plugins can block AdSense ads with this theme

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GeneratePress is a multipurpose WordPress theme. Meaning it is suitable to create a blog on any topic.

According to, this theme has 150000 active members and over 2400 reviews. And the special thing is that GeneratePress has maintained its 5-star rating.

The Core WordPress theme is 100% free and you can also buy it to access its premium features.

Yearly Lifetime
$59 Yearly $249 (One-time payment)
All premium features All premium features
Full access to the Site Library Full access to the Site Library
1 year of updates Lifetime updates
Use on up to 500 websites Use on up to 500 websites
1 year of premium support Lifetime premium support
30-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

What logo is GeneratePress Perfect for?

This is a better option for those people who want to completely customize and control their site.

On Generate Press, you can set anything. It is a fully customized theme and the developers have focused a lot on performance, due to which blogs created on this theme are seen loading fast.

You can change your website so that your site will be fully professional.

With GeneratePress you will need a page builder to change the specific pages, in which Elementor will fully assist you.

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GeneratePress  unique features – WordPress Theme

Unique features of GeneratePress that make this theme different and popular from others-

1. Optimized And Fast Page Load Times

This theme is the most lightweight premium theme ever. It has always focused on clean code along with performance. You will not believe but you will get the whole theme within 30Kb. And even if you customize the site with thrive, Architect, it can still go up to 200kb.

According to the experts, a 1 MB theme is considered poorly coded.

If you check on google page speed after installing this theme then you will not see any kind of code dependency rendering error.

Performance Without Generate Press

  • Performance grade – 67/100
  • Loaded in 1.05 seconds
  • Page size – 247.9 kB
  • Had 17 requests

Performance With Generate Press

  • Performance grade – 87/100,
  • Loaded in 666 ms, ~37% faster
  • Page size is 26.8 kB, ~90% smaller
  • Only 9 requests, ~40% fewer

2. Browser Compatible

If we talk about browser compatibility, then it is also compatible with outdated ‘Internet explorer. With some browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, you will get to see the best performance.

Apart from this, the GeneratePress WordPress theme is a mobile responsive theme, which can easily fit on mobile browsers of any size.

3. Customizable Design

In the free core theme too, you get all the options, but if you are looking at the blog as a career, then I would recommend that you buy the premium version.

Here I will not give you information about how to customize because it is quite simple and in the review, you need to know whether it is the best responsive WordPress theme for you.

When you install the free version or install modules, then you can change the theme live by going to Appearance> Customize.

To change the specific page as I told you, using Thrive Architect would make sense for a blogger.

4. Support

GeneratePress’s support team is always ready for you. Even if you install the free version, you still get full support through them.

But for premium support, you will need Pro Theme. You can buy a package of $ 247 for lifetime access so that if there is any problem then you will not need to do anything. On giving your admin access, he can fix the error 24/7 anytime.

5. Add-ons

To enable other features of Generate Press, you can install addons plugins so that you get more options while customizing.

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What did you teach

In this article, I have given you complete information about the generate press WordPress theme so that it can be easy for you to choose the best lightweight, clean code theme.

With this, if you choose the best WordPress hosting, then you will be able to load your blog within 1 sec.

If you are confused in choosing a Niche-specific theme then you can buy blindly generate a press premium package. After this, it will leave no stone unturned to give you the best performance.

If you liked to generate a press review article, then share it with your friends and if you are associated with social media, then tell people about this article even there so that everyone can use this theme to enhance their blog SEO.

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