What is SEO and How to do SEO for a blog in Nepal?

Do you want to know what is SEO in Nepali and how to do SEO for a blog in Nepal? So today I will tell you what SEO is and how SEO is done in a blog post. 

Many people have heard the word SEO, but they do not know what SEO is and how to do SEO for a blog in Nepal.

While starting a blog people are unknown about SEO. Well, you don’t need to focus on SEO in the beginning journey of blogging but it is important to learn about content optimization for increasing your ranking.

SEO is an important part of blogging. In blogging, you need SEO from beginning to end. Doing SEO is not the same as in earlier times. 

Earlier SEO did not matter much because there were not so many Blogs in Blogging. Due to this google had less content to serve the audience. So, search engines were forced to rank content even if the content was not SEO-friendly.

Now the time has changed. Search engines have unlimited content to serve their audience. So, SEO and Keyword optimization is a necessary factor to get on first-page ranking. 

Ranking on the first page leads to collecting a large amount of organic traffic which boosts earnings.

What is SEO?

What is SEO in Nepali? – SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that brings our page to the top of the search engine results. 

We all know what a search engine is. Google is the most popular search engine in the whole world. Apart from this, more search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu exist. With the help of SEO, we can keep our blog post in the No.1 position on all search engines

Why is SEO important for a Blog?

We have already discussed what SEO is. Now, let’s know why it is so important for a blog. We use SEO to make our website easily accessible to all targeted peoples.

why is seo important for a blog in nepal

We need SEO because we are blogging or running a site. But by creating only a blog or website here, nothing happens. 

Traffic plays a vital role in the digital marketing industry. If there is no traffic there is no income. There are many ways to bring traffic to a blog or site, like a search engine, social media, advertisement, or email, but the easiest and best way here is search engine optimization. 

Using SEO, we rank our blog posts in Google or other search engines and can bring traffic to our blog or site. To earn money from your blog, it is important to have traffic on your site or blog. 

How does SEO work?

How does the SEO technique work? This might be the main question of every blogger. When we search any keyword on google or any other search engine, they show thousands of results related to the keyword.

And then we click on the 1st result or the 2nd one. A minimum number of people go for the 2nd one.

I wanted to clear you that any blog post or website is on the 1st page then their website has a good ranking and well SEO optimized.

what is seo in nepal

In the case of Google – Google uses some algorithms to disguise it. We follow these same algorithms from Google and SEO our blog or website. 

While ranking a blog or website, Google Compares every blog post on the same keyword and then decides which should be on the 1st page of the ranking.

Mainly, Google uses the algorithm factors like keyword, keyword placement, quality of content, length of the content, Internal and external links, etc while indexing blog posts.

Now when someone’s blog gets ranked, Google monitors the User Activity.

They observe how long the user visits that site and reads the other posts of that blog.

If the user does not stay on that blog for a long time and comes back to Google, then it is called bounce back. Bounce Rate also plays the main role in ranking blog posts. If the bounce rate is high then your blog post will lose page ranking. And if the bounce rate is low then your post is likely to be in the top position of search results.

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What are the types of SEO?

Earlier, we have discussed what is SEO?, How does SEO works?, and why SEO is important for a blog.

Now, it’s time to discuss types of SEO. Mainly there are 3 types of SEO but most people follow only two of them: On-page SEO and Off-page-SEO.

what are the types of SEO in nepal

image Source: mrgeek

1. Technical SEO

People often get confused that On-page SEO and Technical SEO are the same things but in reality, there are many differences between them.

Most of the bloggers don’t follow technical SEO which brings a negative effect on their ranking.

You will be shocked that if a website has weak technical SEO then it directly creates a negative impact on Off-page SEO and On-page SEO. Technical SEO instead of affecting a particular page affects your entire blog and entire pages.

Technical SEO includes submitting XML Sitemap, setting Robots.txt, applying SSL Certificate (HTTPS), Permalink Structure, Mobile Responsiveness, etc.

This might help you:

2. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a process where we optimize content title, Url structure, Headlines, Page load speed, Internal Links, Meta Description, Responsiveness, Keyword and Alt tags so that the content can get on top position in search engine ranking.

For this, you don’t have to work hard. You should only follow some tips and procedures while optimizing content. And then only you will be able to generate good traffic to your site.

In this, you do SEO for a specific page or content of your website. You can do it properly by later editing the On-Page SEO Blog or Blog Post if needed.

Increase Your Blogging Knowledge:

3. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is SEO mainly related to increasing website authority. Its work starts after launching your site or after publishing your blog post and after it is indexed in Google. It mainly focuses on link building.

The main factor of off-page SEO is the number of quality backlinks pointing to your specific blog URL or domain. If your post or site is not getting indexed in google then it can be very beneficial to do this.

This can help you a lot:

How to do SEO for a blog in Nepal?

If you want to do SEO in the perfect way, then you have to do SEO in all three ways.

Start with Basic SEO

1. Setup Google Search Console

It is not a part of technical SEO but it is very important for you to submit your site in the google search console.

Google search console is a software of google through which we will get control over our website with new features which makes our website eco-friendly. It is also an indexing tool that adds your website to google search results.

Google Search Console shows you the website’s performance in Google.


I have told you this in technical SEO because in this you can monetize the problem faced in technical SEO.

Apart from this, with the help of this, you can manage your blog. You can check the traffic coming from Google and the ranking of your articles.

You can also submit your site to the bing, Yandex, Baidu webmaster tool.

2. Connect Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool for any website. It tracks the activity of the visitor on your blog and gives you the necessary data.

How much traffic is coming to your website, where it is coming from, how many live users are coming to your site, and other things Google Analytics tells you.

{image about google analytics tool}

3. Install SEO Plugin

This is only for WordPress users. If you have created your blog on WordPress, then it is important that you must use an SEO plugin.

Yoast and Rankmath are the best SEO plugins. These plugins help in the SEO of your blog and give you many settings and features.

{image of plugin}

Also, these plugins help in content optimization while writing content. if you want further information about the SEO plugin then visit

How to do On-Page SEO in Nepal?

As we already know about On-Page SEO. Now we will talk about how to do On-Page SEO in Nepal. I will tell you all the things related to On-Page SEO which you have to take care of while performing On-Page SEO in Nepal. 

1. Optimize title, Url structure, Meta description 

For On-page SEO optimization title and meta tags play a vital role in maintaining your search position. When search engines crawl your site they first notice the title, meta description, and permalinks.

So, maintaining the URL structure with title and description helps to boost your ranking in search engines.

2. Write SEO Friendly and Quality Content 

In blogging, content is the king. Without content ranking a specific post is impossible. 

You should always focus on unique, interesting, and trending topics that can attract visitors. If you don’t write quality content then readers will not read your post and bounce back. 

Earlier only we have discussed bounce back this directly affects the SEO of your website.

  • How to write SEO-friendly content in Nepal?

3. Optimize Images

While using images, you must write the title and alt text in the image. You tell the crawler what the image is about. Before uploading the image, keep the alt text of its file name as well.

You have to write information about your image in it, you have to write information about your keyword or what image is in it. Before uploading the image, you must optimize its size.

I recommend tinypng or tinyjpg for optimizing images.

4. Add Internal & External Link

Internal linking and Outbound links are very important for SEO. When you link an old post to a new post it is known as internal linking. There are various advantages of internal linking.

  • Link juice
  • Increase Page Views
  • Reduce bounce Rate

And when you provide an external link to your website’s post then it adds some informative information for your audience. It also helps search engines to calculate traffic to your pages.

5. Fix Multiple H1 Tags

If you have more than one H1 tag on your page, then you need to fix this. By default in Blogger and WordPress, the title tag is the same as the H1 tag. You should never add an H1 tag to it while writing a post.

6. Fix Keyword Cannibalization

When two or more different pages of a blog rank on a single keyword in google, then it is said to be keyword cannibalization. Many SEO experts from Nepal consider it bad.

You should never write two articles on the same topic. If you are facing the problem of keyword cannibalization, then you can fix it by applying a 301 redirect or canonical tag to the post.

How to do Off-Page SEO

We have already discussed off-page SEO. So let’s begin with how to do off-page SEO.  

Start link building

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites pointing to your website. In 2021, the need for links within SEO is very less. In SEO, 90% On-Page SEO only matters.

But if two blogs do the same On-Page SEO with the same keyword, then it will be difficult for search engines to rank the post.

In this case, the links decide who will acquire the top position. Apart from this, link building also helps you to index websites and articles.

So, when we interlink any link then it is said to be Backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one website to another website. For example, if you give a link to another blog while writing a post, that blog will get a backlink.

There are many types of backlinks in SEO but out of them only Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks are used in SEO.

Dofollow Backlink

In 2005, Google launched the Dofollow backlink definition with the aim of reducing spam link index in search engines and enhancing search engine performance.

Juicy links are another name for do-follow backlinks. Dofollow links will help a website’s SERP (search engine results page) rank higher. Place in the search engine results. 

See the example below to better understand dofollow backlinks.

<a href=”https://tech4nepal.com” rel=”dofollow”>Tech4Nepal Blog</a>


<a href=”https://tech4nepal.com”>Tech4Nepal Blog</a>


<a href=”https://tech4nepal.com” rel=”external”>Tech4Nepal Blog</a>

Nofollow Backlink  

After discussing do-follow backlinks hope you have understood about no-follow backlinks also. No, follow backlinks don’t provide link juice. 

No, follow backlinks are less effective than follow backlinks. They don’t help websites to rank but they help in increasing the domain authority.

See the example below to better understand no follow backlinks.

<a href=”https://tech4nepal.com” rel=”nofollow”>Tech4Nepal Blog</a>


<a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://tech4nepal.com”>Tech4Nepal Blog</a>

Apart from this, if someone comes to your site using that link, then you get more benefits of backlink. 


So, friends in this post we have learned about what is SEO and How to do SEO for a Blog in Nepal?

So if you follow all these things then you can easily rank your blog post on a specific keyword. Whenever you do SEO, you must keep these things in mind.

If you are still confused about how to do SEO for a blog in Nepal then ask me in the comment section or through the contact us page, I will definitely answer your queries. and Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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