How To Register free domain and hosting in Nepal

In this digital world, everyone should have their own website. So, we in Tech4Nepal are writing this article about how to get a free domain and hosting in Nepal with some genuine methods.

By having your own website you can start a blog or something else and make money from that. So, without wasting time let’s get forward to our main topic.

How to Get Free Domain and Hosting in Nepal?

To get free domain and hosting in Nepal you should follow some procedures. domain is freely provided in Nepal. The .np domain is the country code top-level domain for Nepal. These Domain is distributed officially by Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. Not only .np you can get various of domain extension like,,,,,,,,,, and many others.

Domain Registration with .np is completely free. But for personal registration, you should submit your citizenship and for business purposes, you need a pan certificate or business registration certificate.

In this post, we will discuss how to register a free domain in Nepal and register for free hosting in Nepal.

How to Register free .np Domain in Nepal?

To request the .np domain you should follow the below steps. we have submitted every image in the post according to queries and steps to register the .np domain in Nepal.

#1 Go to Mercantile Official Website and Check Domain Availability

now, it’s time to check domain availability. go to and check your domain availability.

Register .np Domain in Nepal

#2 Select your preferred extension from the dropdown menu and click the search button

when you click the search button website will show domain is available for registration or not. If available then this shows.

register free domain in Nepal

In the above image, it is shown that the domain is available for registration. Click register now for further process of free domain registration in Nepal.

#3 Now Sign up for to Mercantile Website

signup for free domain registration

Now, enter your email id and preferred password, and then click on create a user. After creating a user you will get an official email from mercantile communication for confirmation of your email id. After that, you will be forwarded to the domain registration page.

#4 Fill up the Domain request form

it’s time to fill up the domain request form where you have to enter nameservers’ names (for example, and your administrative and technical contact. This nameserver is a unique server-id for connecting your domain and hosting.

.np Domain Request Form

Now, fill-up the form and click save and continue to start with the next step.

#5 Now submit required documents

now submit required documents for .np domain registration. You have to submit a cover letter and citizenship copy.

required doccument for .np domain registration

Note: For a personal domain registration you have to submit Cover Letter and Citizenship. For Official purposes, you have to submit a cover letter on the official letterhead and business PAN Certificate.

Submit Required doccuments for .np domain registration

#6 Save documents and Submit

After submitting documents click submit button.

It might take 1-3 business days to register your domain. One thing that if you fill your .np domain registration form at 11 Am the Morning then there is a high chance of getting approved within an hour.

Now you can see your domain status on the mercantile domain registration dashboard.

your domain status

After approval, you can see your domain in the Active domain section.

Cover Letter for  Free .np Domain Registration in Nepal

For Domain registration requests you should submit a cover letter.

Cover Letter Sample for .np Domain Registration

Below is the sample of the cover letter for the .np domain registration request.

Cover Letter Sample For .np Domain Registration

How to Generate Cover Letter for .np Domain Registration?

For Generating a free cover letter for the .np domain registration goes to the .np Cover letter Generator tool created by the tech4nepal team. In this tool, you have to enter Name, Email, Phone number, Domain name, and Preferred domain extension.

np domain cover letter generator

Let’s begin with our main topic How to register a free domain and hosting in Nepal. We have already completed the free .np domain registration process now let’s get forward to the free hosting registration process in Nepal.

Watch Video For More Clarity:

This might be helpful to you:

Procedure to get Free Hosting in Nepal

Visit the website and start the registration process.

Free Hosting in Nepal

Free Hosting in Nepal Features 

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 400 MySQL Databases
  • PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.4
  • MySQL 5.6
  • Full .htaccess support
  • Free Subdomain with Free SSL and DNS Service

#1 Sign Up on infinity free

After visiting the infinity free website click the sign up now button. Enter your email id and preferred password.

signup for free hosting in nepal

After creating an account verify your email address. and go to the client area and sign in to your account.

#2 Add domain to Infinity Free

add domain for free hosting in nepal

Click Create Account Section. Now create a hosting account for your domain.

create hosting account on free hosting in nepal

Now, enter the domain name and click search domain. and then on additional information, you will be asked to enter the website label, account username, and password. enter all the data and click create an account.

Note: Your domain DNS should point to the infinity free nameserver.

Otherwise, you will get this error message.

nameserver setup in free hosting in nepal

Now you have to go to the .np registration dashboard for confirming if your domain is pointing to infinity free nameserver or not.

Watch this Video For More clarity:

How to edit DNS Records of the .np domain?

For editing DNS records first log into your account and go to the dashboard, and go to the active domain Section.

edit dns record of .np domain

Now, let’s click on the edit DNS section and check whether your domain is pointing to  Hosting or not. If not then edit the nameserver names and click the save button.

nameserver in free hosting in nepal

Now, we have successfully registered a free domain and hosting in Nepal. In the next tutorial, we will discuss installing WordPress on free hosting in Nepal.

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