How to Earn Money Online in Nepal? 9 Strong Ways

Are you looking for an easy guide about How to earn money online in Nepal without investment?

Earning money online is a dream of every Nepali people.

Each and every people in the world want to earn money online without investment. But in such a case, Nepal is quite backward.

Earning money online is not considered a professional job in Nepal. Some of them also think that making money online is impossible.

Are You, spending your valuable time in search of this. But not getting any trusted way to start online earning in Nepal. So this post will discuss 10 such legal ways to earn money online in Nepal which are 100% Genuine and which you can opt to make your full-time profession.

Now, without wasting time let’s get forward to our main topic.

So, earners, There are several ways to earn money online in Nepal. Today we will discuss 9 ways to earn money online in Nepal.  So, you will be able to sit at home and start with very little investment. All you have to do is give your time and your hard work.

I am not going to tell you any online earning shortcut type in this Post. Because I believe in Hardwork earning. so you have to do the same and do hard work to earn your first $100 in just a week.

If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to work diligently. First of all, it is important to know how many ways of earning there are.

Friends, basically there are 2 ways of earning money method in Nepal. One is active income or active earning and the other is passive income or passive earning

  1. Active Earnings
  2. Passive Earnings

Active Earning:

Inactive earning, you have to be physically involved in whatever you work day and night. And someday if you don’t work then your earnings will stop. 

For example, if you have a normal 9 to 5 job or a physical business or shop, suppose you run a shop or store and keep your store open for 12 Hours daily. And you also do very well.

Or you have an online business and you have to send shipments daily. and you Involved in other business activities as well So, you are doing active income

In this, the biggest demerit is, If someday you meet with any such incident, you are unable to take care of your business anymore. So your earnings suddenly get a full stop

Passive Earnings:

Passive income is not so easy to start, but once you start and adequately do all the things then this way you will be able to earn continuously and when you are not available, money will continue to flow into your account as your income.

And friends, sometimes you get limited in active income, But you have a pool of opportunities in passive income with a lot of different types of online earning, and with this, you can earn millions in a month which many people are doing.

Now earnings digits this earning will completely depend upon how well you are doing it and which types of earning you choose.

Here I will talk about both types of earning, active and passive earning. So, friends, let’s talk about 10 such online earnings that you can start now. 

9 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal

1. Affiliate Marketing

Friends, In today’s time Affiliate marketing, is becoming a very popular option to start online earning. Because in this you can promote other company or brand products/services and earn commission

You can join daraz, Flipkart, sastodeal, Amazon’s affiliate program for affiliate products. Apart from this, you can also create your publisher account in the affiliate companies like V commission, DGM, Clue links, etc

And if you want to promote a foreign company’s product and service, you can use CJ affiliates, ClickBank, etc. By using these platforms you can earn a lot of money online in Nepal.

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2. Dropshipping

If you want to start online earning at home, then dropshipping is a great option for you. In dropshipping, you promote supplier’s products to a social circle or you resell products to social media.

And when you receive the order then you inform the supplier and the suppliers deliver the product to your customers. In this, you earn a commission by promoting the product, on every sale.

To start drop shipping, you must have a smartphone and a working internet connection. If you want to start Online earning through reselling Business then, you will get lots of online reselling apps like Meesho, GlowRoad, Shop 101, etc.

3. Content Writing

In today’s digital era, content is the king. That’s why there is a lot of demand for writing content. So if you have a good grasp of any language and you can write well then you can be a content writer. 

You can write a blog post for others, write a copy of the website, Or you can even do story writing, transcription, or translation and earn a lot of money.

For content writing jobs, you can use a freelance website like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc to start online earning.

4. Photography

If you are fond of photography or have the skill to take a good photo even if you do not have a DSLR, You have a good smartphone so you can get images like a DSLR then you can also do a very good online earning by selling your images through the stock image website.

There are a lot of websites for this, Shutterstock, Estock, Adobe Stock, where you can sell the image at a very good price.

5. Start a Website

In this, you can create any kind of website and do online earning. As a blog website or information website, it can be a story and book reading website Which you can monetize with Google Adsense by making it very popular on WordPress or Blogger and earning millions from it.

If you have seen our old post then you have already read how to start a blog.

6. Youtube video creator

If you have a lot of knowledge of your skill, talent, opinion, or your field, then you can share it through video and earn money online in Nepal. Youtube also monetizes your video with Google Adsense and you can earn a lot from it

7. Online tutoring

You have a skill, something in which you have a lot of knowledge. If you have a good grip on any subject, then you can take a course on that subject, give online tuition and online training. For this, you can use websites like Udemy Un Academy.

You can sell your handmade or artwork creativity online and earn money online in Nepal. If you are a creative person, painting or you do any artwork. If you make handmade items then you can sell any of your creativity online. You can earn a lot by promoting on social media

There are also some popular websites where you can sell your artwork online like Mojarto, Artsy, etc

8. Become a Tech freelancer

If you have technical skills like logo banner designing, web designing, web development, app development, digital marketing. Then you can start here. You can be freelancing through this skill of yours.

There are many freelance platforms where you can provide service to clients through your technical skills. And you can earn a lot of money from this.

For this, you can create your profile on freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and you can start online earning

9. Voice over artist

If Your voice is awesome, you have speaking skills, so you can become a voiceover artist. This digital era has a lot of demand for voice, and this segment also has multiple capabilities

In this, you can give voice in ad films, a voice in animation cartoon characters, etc. You can do story narration, you can also become a dubbing artist. You can use websites such as Fiverr, Upwork to become a voice-over artist. You can work on different projects and earn a lot of money online.

Last Words for Earn Money Online in Nepal

So have you noticed? you have multiple opportunities to earn money online in Nepal.

You can increase your earnings by just utilizing your time in the right way. If you are choosing any of these options or you have more than one skill, then what to say, you can earn a lot online in Nepal.

Let me know in the comment section below, which online earning method are you going to start? And if you want a detailed article on any online earning topic, then do comment on it.

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